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Brooke Bentley Blackburn has recently sprouted his solo project, “The Bentley Collective.” Performing for thirty years as a Canadian musician , Juno nominated in 2015 for family band “ Blackburn “.  Brooke has accumulated a vast repertoire of original compositions. His solo album, Songs, consists of blues/groove songs & ballads that incorporate various styles and compositional methods acquired throughout his career. laying with the likes of Eugene Smith, Bobby Dean Blackburn (father), Shakura S’Aida and other prominent musicians in the Canadian and international Blues/Roots scene, Brooke has inherited a writing style that consists of melody, groove and lyrical structure well-rooted in the Blues tradition. Brooke’s compositions are inspired by his family legacy rooted in the Underground Railroad and his personal experiences alongside his unique guitar style. Brooke’s unique approach connects musician to audience in a very personal way.

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